About Jeanne

Jeanne Vockroth was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where she spent an idyllic childhoold until Hurricane Katrina moved her and her family to Fayetteville, Arkansas. In Fayetteville, Jeanne discovered the healing power of art as a way to understand her trauma from the experience of losing her home and relocating in the wake of Katrina. Jeanne graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture in 2013 from the University of Arkansas and has studied textiles and pattern design abroad in Florence, Italy and at a number of workshops at Penland School of Craft in North Carolina. In 2016, Jeanne moved back to New Orleans where she worked for two years as an art educator. In 2017, Jeanne established Jeanne Vockroth Art + Design to connect with her community through her surface patterns and hand sewn textiles.

A note from Jeanne.

I am an artist, seamstress, and designer creating surface patterns of flora, fauna, and architecture inspired by the Crescent City and the American South. My  studio creates textiles and paper products from hand painted patterns. As an artist, I want to you to have the opportunity to buy affordable, beautiful objects to enrich their homes, and to marry fine art with the art of daily living.

The patterns I create for my pillows, tea towels, and stationery are made from my watercolor illustrations of iconic flowers, plants, and animals that symbolize New Orleans in a style inspired by classic Japanese prints and scrolls. My fine art incorporates illustration, watercolor, collage, and photography to create fantastical landscapes.

The radiant speckles of light cast on buildings and streets as the sun shines through the oak trees; the Magnolias, Jasmine, and Camellias that brighten the sights and smells of the city; and the memories of my family and past generations of New Orleanians sharing these experiences all drive the patterns and photographs that define my work.